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A surreal take on two people longing to bond through movement. Without words, VELODROME evokes a poetic and eerie liminal space. It portrays a pursuit of communication, a permanent interruption. A moment of encounter without meeting. 

Year: 2021-2023

Length: 00:06:00

Categories: experimental film 

16mm | Color | Sound 5.1

Aspect Ratio : 1:1.66

Director : Pariya Bakhshi

Concept | Edit : Blanca Barbat | Pariya Bakhshi

Performance : Benze C. Werner , Katharina Senzenberger

Choreography : Blanca Barbat

Camera : Nils Ramme

Composition : Mira Rachel

Colorgrading : Ewald Hentze

Sound Mixing : Ralf Schipke

Assistant Director : Nikolai Meierjohann

Sound Recordist : Youeb Dachraoui

Gaffer : Moritz Marquardt

Electricians : Samira Fux | Fabian Rieke

1.Assistant Camera : Cinthia Konopacki

2.Assistant Camera : Laura Oldörp

Producer : Tanja Baran

Production Assistant : Viktoria Kubitza

Production : Academy of Media Arts Cologne

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