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I am interested in bodies, in their boundaries, or rather, in their continuity. The body as a threshold challenges conventional notions of individuality by placing them in a complex context. I am concerned with the speculative, the mythical, and the fantastic of our reality. In recognizing the interconnectedness of our more-than-human world, I connect with the idea of spiritual imagination, reticular thinking, and the collective unconscious.

What do I find and not seek? Maria Zambrano speaks to us of the clearings in the forest, those clearings that are glimpsed and at the same time dissipate. Infinite multiplicity of realities, constant transformation of events. The world presents itself to me with horror and beauty, I am moved by passion in its totality of love and pain, creation and destruction. 

Who am I? I am a spectator and I am an expression. The poet Inger Christensen says that the act of writing is an inevitable expression of the world; like the plant that grows, and creates a flower, and from the flower, a fruit that falls and begets another flower; inevitably the flower becomes a flower. She inevitably writes and in reading her writing, surprised, she sees herself as a naïve reader. I, inevitably, create; who am I? I am an expression of the world. And before my work, I am only a mere spectator, a spectator of the expression of the world.

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Who am I also?

My love for film, performance, objects, and spaces took me on the path of creative direction and production design. I'm not only interested in working in Audiovisual works but also assisting other artists or artist collectives in the creation of installations and events. 

I'm looking forward to fruitful collaborations.  Don't hesitate to contact me. 

Photo by Caroline Brünen, 2024.

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