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Low round container with a hollow in the middle and a flat edge around commonly employed for serving food and eating and also for other purposes.

Size: Variable
Duration: 4:13 min
Year: 2015

This installation is developed from a number of previous installations questioning the idea of representation through either the accumulation or the destruction. The representation is understood as an illusion of reality. We mask concepts with words so, therefore, in social constructs in order to express ourselves when we build concepts. Language. This installation brings in one spot of action and the consequence of action. This is such since the sound of dishes breaking occupies the entire dimension of the room, giving them action and movement, but paradoxically, playing with the statism of broken dishes arranged on a single surface. All pieces are disposed of in a chaotic and organic fashion impeding the reading of its totality - except for the dishes that have remained whole, even though they have been thrown against the wall. Despite the mess, dish- es occupy a regular surface, the shelf, an object with meaning and usefulness. Another paradox at play in the installation is the negative or positive connotation that a broken dish might have. In some cultures, breaking a dish on a festivity is a sym- bol of celebration, while in others it is a symbol of destruction (instability or fight). The goal of this installation is to give the viewer a physical experience.

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