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In this series I explore the idea of opposites coexisting and I’m striving to give expression to emotion, to allow the aesthetic of the form to tell you something about the inspiration behind the piece on a wordless, instinctual level. 

The colors used create a strident effect, despite using as a chromatic method the theory of opposite colors, those that complement each other. Visually, the effect is both aesthetic and repulsive. Likewise, the bright colors arouse joy while the images depicted have a sad, melancholic, or suffering character. The naive nature of the paintings defies the heaviness or depth of the issues and emotions addressed. The idiosyncrasy of the soft and cartoonish dynamics deals with a tense and restless look. The unfinished aspect of the paintings intends to denounce artistic precariousness while achieving the artwork. 

This work seeks to give a voice to the idea of opposites as interdependent and interconnected. A rejection of dualistic thinking that seeks to separate opposites into distinct categories. By exploring the theme of opposites coexisting in my paintings, I encourage the spectator to embrace complexity and nuance and to recognize the value of diversity and difference. 

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