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Is an allegory to a reflection on the complete detachment of oneself and thus in relation to others. Detachment refers to the ability to distance oneself from one's emotions and attachments to objects, people, or ideas. It can be seen as a form of critical reflexivity, where one is able to reflect on and question one's own assumptions, values, and beliefs. While the concept of detachment can be useful in certain contexts and perspectives, complete detachment from oneself may not be possible or desirable. 

With Detachment, I explore how a wet and raw clay self-portrait can be understood in relation to the audience's interaction with it, as they step on it until it is unrecognizable. Pursuing in this allegory the loss of the self.

The audience's interaction with the clay portrait is not a one-way process, where the object simply receives and passively responds to their actions. Rather, the clay portrait is also actively affecting and shaping the audience's behavior and experience.

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