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'1 elephant & 200 ducklings' is a performance on the absurdity of the human. The performance is based on the theoretical framework formulated by Camus in his work "The Myth of Sisyphus and the Rebel Man". According to Camus, there is a fundamental conflict between what we are and what we want vs. the silence of the universe, that is, between reason and chaos. Camus uses the Myth of Sisyphus to introduce us to the idea of the rebellious man.  In Greek mythology, Sisyphus is punished by the gods for preferring the water of the city of Corinth to the celestial radiance. They punished him to carry a rock up a mountain and when the rock is at the top he comes back down. The gods thought that there is no worse punishment than useless and hopeless work. Camus analyses the moment when Sisyphus decides to carry the rock again, instead of waiting there forever. If he does not carry the rock, the rock wins, and the memory of a past lived on earth invades him. Camus argues that the most honest way of living is the one that consumes life by living the greatest number of experiences with the aspiration of quality, becoming the rebel human. As it is impossible,  to reduce chaos in a formula, still, there is a will, and it is wise to realize this finite and limited condition we have.

The performance took place in the group exhibition 'Absurd!' at Studio P52 in Barcelona in 2017. '1 elephant and 200 ducklings' consisted of walking through all the rooms of the Studio dressed as an elephant with "The Myth of Sisyphus" printed on my back. The elephant is the largest animal living on earth, they have emotionally intelligent behaviors such as mourning, altruism, adoption, play, tool use, compassion, and self-recognition. The only way the elephant could move around the Studio and see the whole exhibition was by following the 200 rubber duckies. The only way to do that was to take the last rubber ducky from the end of the line to the beginning and back again. All the rubber duckies were customized according to different professions or hobbies. The time I had for the performance was four hours, the time of the exhibition. The performance was a way to experience the absurdity of life and the condition of living as a rebellious human. 

The performance was conceived in collaboration with the artist Blanca Roncalés.

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